is a concert series focussed on duos and trios. At each Symbiosis Jane invites two instrumentalists to join her to present music for duo and trio, with a focus on works of the present and of the 20th-century avant-garde. These hour-long programs are designed to cast a light on the symbiotic nature of chamber music performance: breathing together, thinking together, witnessed at close range by the listeners.

Symbioses is a proud member of Australia’s New Music Network.

This is an archive of past events. Upcoming events appear in Jane's event calendar.

Symbiosis I


Jason Noble clarinet

James Wannan viola/viola d'amore

July, 2014

107 Projects, Redfern, NSW, Australia


Giya Kancheli: Caris Mere (1995) for soprano & viola

Elliott Carter: Poems of Louis Zukofsky (2008) [AP] for soprano & clarinet

Rebecca Clarke: Prelude, Allegro and Pastorale (1941) for viola & clarinet

Larry Sitsky: Seven Zen Songs (2005) for soprano & viola

Nicholas Vines: Parnell’s Gloom (2010) for viola & clarinet

Jack Symonds: Die Engel (2013) [WP] for soprano & viola d’amore

Jack Symonds: Liebeslied (2014) [WP] for soprano, viola & clarinet

WP = world premiere; AP = Australian premiere

Symbiosis II


Roberta Michel flutes

Izzy O'Connell piano

February, 2015

Spectrum, New York, NY, USA


Maurice Ohana: Pythie (from Deux Incantations) (1974) for soprano, flute & piano

Beat Furrer: Invocation VI (2002) for soprano & bass flute

Claude Vivier: Hymnen an die nacht (1975) for soprano & piano

David Lang: vent (1990) for flute & piano

David Bedford: Come in here child (1968) for soprano & amplified piano

Inés Thiebaut: cuncta fluunt (2013) for soprano & flute

Beat Furrer: Presto con fuoco (1997) for flute & piano

Maurice Ohana: Strophe (from Deux Incantations) (1974) for soprano, flute & piano

Symbiosis III


Jane Bishop flutes

Genevieve Lang harp

July, 2016

Glebe Town Hall, Glebe, NSW, Australia


Kaija Saariaho: Ariel’s Hail (2000) for soprano, flute & harp

Salvatore Sciarrino: Fauno che fischia a un merlo (1980) for flute & harp

Beat Furrer: Invocation VI (2002) for soprano & bass flute

Toshio Hosokawa: Renka I (1992) for soprano & harp

Amanda Cole: [new commission] (2015) for soprano, flute & harp [WP]

George Crumb: Federico’s Little Songs for Children (1986) for soprano, flutes & harp

WP = world premiere

This concert was presented in partnership with the New Music Network.


Sarah Lianne Lewis: I Dared Say it to the Sky (excerpt) (****) for soprano & percussion

Tristan Coehlo: As the Dust Settles (****) for bass flute & vibraphone

Jane Sheldon: new work (2017) for voice, bass flute & percussion

Mario Garuti: Sei Pezzi Anestetici (excerpt) (****) for flute & percussion

Andrew Ford: extracts from Learning to Howl (****) for soprano, flute & percussion

Beat Furrer: Auf tönernen Füßen (****) for amplified flute & voice

Bree van Reyk: All the Things (2017) for three musicians


Symbiosis IV


Lamorna Nightingale flutes

Bree van Reyk percussion

October, 2017

Backstage Music, Glebe, NSW, Australia